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I am horribly, terribly behind in my blogging.  I have projects coming out of my ears and little time to photograph and blog about it, so I’m going to post not one, but TWO different projects today.  First up – the felt iPad sleeve.

I was recently out of town for a week (part of the reason I’m so far behind, along with a wholesale order for 52 hats) and found that I needed a quick and easy-to-make sleeve for my iPad.  I had felt and a half hour of time and whipped one up. 

First, I layered four pieces of felt.  I was limited with colors, and I decided that black would be a good choice so any travel grime didn’t show as much.  I also decided that I needed a double layer of felt, so I went with two pieces of black, and one piece each of red and yellow.  Then I set the iPad on top and trimmed the felt to 8.5″ x 11″.

For embellishment, I traced some rough flower shapes onto the black felt (on the wrong side), and trimmed them out.  I found a real time-saver was to fold the felt lengthwise down the center of the flower petal, and then cut a sort of crescent shape.  Just be careful you don’t cut into the next petal (which I did on one piece…that landed in the scrap pile).  I positioned one of the flower shapes at the edge because I wanted to use the button as part of my closure, and then I sewed the buttons to the center of the flowers. (Forgive this next photo – I was rushing and not paying attention to my camera skills, not that I have any camera skills to speak of…sorry.)

I layered each black outer piece on top of the colored felt and used Fabric-tac to adhere them and then used embroidery floss and blanket stitch to sew three sides together.  That was my first time doing blanket stitch – it’s not my prettiest work, but I wanted something fast and that did the trick.  Finally, I sewed a piece of emboidery thread to the top edge and knotted the end so that I could wrap it around the button to close the sleeve.

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